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A unique wine-tasting experience in the famed Nemea wine region

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Astonishing temples, luxurious palaces, imposing vaulted tombs, colossal walls of epic ancient cities, magnificent medieval castles next to rocky shoreline, are some of the features that characterize ‘the Island of Pelops”, the beautiful Peloponnesus or Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece. These monuments reveal the glorious past of this land of heroes, gods and wise kings, Find out more about our tours in the area

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In Brief

Explore the wine region of Nemea

Make a toast to honor your visit to Greece with a marvelous glass of wine! Discover our wine country through wonderful vineyards that offer their own distinct collection of wines, tastings, tours and special events. Come to celebrate and enjoy your wine experience in the Peloponnese region and particularly in the winemaking area of Nemea. Try them all if you wish. Winemakers would love to welcome you and will take you on a tour in their facilities before inducing you to the art of wine tasting.

Approximately 1h 15 min driving from Athens, with beautiful archaeological sites and vineyards, in a quiet landscape of Mediterranean charm, Nemea remains a "terra incognita" for most travelers to this part of the Peloponnese. Nemea’s Agiorgitiko grape, is one of the most important and multipurpose varieties, which produces the excellent, Protected Designation of Origin wines, for which the area is famed.

The range includes at least five different wines, depending on the cultivation and vinification:
Agiorgitiko Dry Rose: It's a fresh, fruity, ethereal wine with darker color than the known rosé.
Fresh Agiorgitiko Dry Red: fruity, pleasant and soft wine, with a complex bouquet of  strawberry and cherry fruit flavors.
Nemea Reserve: a dry red wine with a rich taste and aroma, as it maures  12 to 14 months in oak barrels
Nemea Grand Reserve: It takes longer to process the tannins. After a few years of ageing in the barrel and the bottle, the result is unique.
Sweet Agiorgitikos wine: The grapes are sun-dried , with a minimum of 5-6 years oak ageing. It is a wine with aromatic notes of dried figs, jam and tobacco with a strawberry and cherry aftertaste.

It will be a good opportunity to combine wine tasting along with a visit to Nemea’s archaeological site. Undoubtedly the most important attractions of Nemea are the Doric temple of Zeus and the Ancient Stadium. The Archaeological museum of Nemea is located half a kilometer from the stadium and includes a beautiful archaeological park with many areas for relaxation, surrounded by absolute serenity, peaceful scenery and vineyards and green hills in the background.

The museum was founded as part of the excavation project of the University of California at Berkeley, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Rudolph A. Peterson. It was later donated to the Greek State and inaugurated in 1984.

The Archaeological Museum of Ancient Nemea hosts the following collections:

  • Images of Nemea by travelers of the 18th and 20th centuries
  • Coins that belonged to ancient visitors of Nemea.
  • Objects related to ancient athletic activities in the area
  • Prehistoric finds (pottery, tools, weapons, etc.) from sites in the greater district
  • Pottery and jewelry from the Mycenaean cemetery at Aidonia and Agia Irini village
  • Architectural parts of monuments found within the archaeological site and nearby
  • Various inscriptions from (Nemea, Fliountos, Petri).

A few kilometers west of Nemea, near the small village of Aidonia, a few Mycenaean tombs were excavated between the years 1978 – 1980.These tombs belong to the Mycenaean city Araithyrei, which Homer calls "Eratini", meaning "beloved".

From our part, we will make all necessary arrangements for you to have a memorable time if you choose this quiet, individual tour.


  • Nemea vineyards
  • Doric temple of Zeus
  • The Ancient Stadium
  • The Archaeological Museum of Ancient Nemea
  • Aidonia Mycenaean tombs

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Did you know?

  • The area is well known from the Greek mythology, as the location of the first of Hercules’ "Twelve Labours", which was the killing of ‘The Nemean Lion’.
  • Nemea-Agiorgitiko zone is the largest red wine appellation in Greece. Enjoy the opportunity to discover the largest vineyard in the Balkan Peninsula, the so- called "Bordeaux of Southeast Europe", a viticulture area of 25.000 acres, with more than 30 major wineries. The long lasting tradition of grape vine cultivation and winemaking is testified by seeds that were found during archaeological excavations, which prove that vines have been cultivated in the territory for a period of over 3000 years.
  • The Wine House is located in Nemea and more particularly in Fliasio Melathro, which has been operating since September 2006. It is housed in the old primary school of Nemea, one of Ernst Zillers’ architectural marvels. Today it is the "Nemea Wine Promotion Center", especially for the red Agiorgitiko variety. The premises include an exhibition area for the wine and the history of the region of Nemea and can host meetings and events.

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