Athens to Ancient Messini Tour

Journey to ancient Messini: Unfolding the secrets of the best- preserved ancient city of the mid-4thC

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Astonishing temples, luxurious palaces, imposing vaulted tombs, colossal walls of epic ancient cities, magnificent medieval castles next to rocky shoreline, are some of the features that characterize ‘the Island of Pelops”, the beautiful Peloponnesus or Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece. These monuments reveal the glorious past of this land of heroes, gods and wise kings, Find out more about our tours in the area

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In Brief

Take a journey to Ancient Messini, one of the most important cities of antiquity and among the best preserved archaeological sites in Greece, which unfolds its glorious past through unique archaeological treasures, impressive fortifications and major finds that rival those of Ancient Olympia. Lets visit an archaeological site that doesn’t resemble any other Greek site. It is practically a parklike archaeological site, an open air museum within a lush environment, filled with olive groves and vineyards. You will witness imposing temples, colossal buildings, mansions, stadiums and parliaments. The contrast between an almost “epic city” with the “delicate” Messinian landscape is impressive.

Quick Preview Ancient Messene is situated on the South West of the Peloponnese region, more specifically in Messinia Prefecture, 25 kilometers (16 miles) north of its capital, Kalamata and 60 kilometers (37 miles) east of Pylos. Backed by high mountains, dominated by the summit of Mount Ithomi (800 meters), it is the best-preserved ancient Greek city-state and one of the most important in terms of size and form, and still has much to offer to the visitor.

Road Map

  • After meeting you in the designated agreed point, your driver will drive towards Ancient Messini, passing from Corinth - Tripoli - Megalopolis – Kalamata. Once we reach the Isthmus of Corinth we’ll make a short stop (approx. 20 minutes) to see the Corinth Canal, learn some important facts about it and take some very unique pictures of the amazing project. Then we’ll continue our journey towards our prime destination, Ancient Messini, where you will be taken on a guided tour to some of the most impressive monuments of the ancient city.
  • When the visit to the archaeological site of ancient Messini is finished, you will undoubtedly be filled with feelings of admiration and satisfaction from the voyage back in time, beyond the pages of your guidebook. With the images still fresh in your mind, we will take a walk at the city of Kalamata, one of the most beautiful and historical coastal cities of Greece, where you can dine in a traditional tavern, tasting a variety of delicious recipes, which you surely have heard a lot about. After lunch we will return to Athens.


  • Corinth canal
  • The Arcadian Gate
  • The theatre
  • The Ekklesiasterion (Citizens meeting point)
  • The War memorial (Heroon)
  • Arsinoe’s Spring
  • The stadium
  • The parliament (Voulefterion)
  • The gymnasium
  • The Roman villa
  • The coastal city of Kalamata

Useful info

Our tour packages don’t include a professional licensed tour guide, in order to be more affordable to our clients. However your driver will provide substantial information for all the locations that you'll visit, within the car or outside the sites.

Kindly choose one from the following below.

a/ You can have your driver - tour Leader  to accompany you. ( No additional cost)

b/ We can provide upon request a Professional tour guide.

c/ For tours that are taking place outside Athens we can always book a local tour guide in each place of visit , upon your request.

Whatever your choice might be, kindly send your request and we will inform you of the additional cost, if that exists!

In case you'd like to be picked up by us at Athens International Airport "El Venizelos", we offer you transportation in significantly better price.

Our representative will welcome  you at the Arrival Hall, holding a sign with your name written on it ,will  help you with your luggage and escort you to the car.

duration Itinerary [total duration approx. 9½ hours]

Car Type: For your chauffeured transportation, we provide fully air-conditioned vehicles that meet all technical and security standards. Depending on the number of participants, you can choose:

a/ Sedan- type vehicle, new Octavia 7 or Mercedes, capacity 1 to 4 pax (depending on availability)

b/ Mini Van, capacity 4 to 8 pax (depending on availability)

c/ SUV- type vehicle, capacity 1 to 5 pax (depending on availability)

Notes: 1) Child safety seats available upon request 2) Luggage restrictions may apply

walking-pace Activity level: Easy - Moderate
equipment Dress Code: Ιt is advisable to wear comfortable, rubber-soled shoes. During the summer months, a hat and light colored garments will also be required for this tour.
group Max Group Size: 12-14 persons


Did you know?

  • It was founded by general Epaminondas in 369 BC, after the Battle of Lefctra and the first invasion of the city State of Thebes to the Peloponnese, marking the end of Spartan dominion, and became the political, economic, social, religious and artistic center of the free Messenians. It lies in a fertile valley, an untouched Mediterranean natural environment that has never been destroyed or covered by later settlements. All the buildings have the same orientation and are built according to a very specific urban plan, the Hippodamian grid. Apart from sanctuaries and public buildings, it also includes imposing fortifications, Roman villas, aqueducts and tombs. The vast, fortified capital of the ancient Messenians was enclosed within a 9 km – long- massive wall, 7 m.— 9 m. high, 3 m. thick, 30 square or horseshoe-shaped, with 2-storey –guard towers at regular intervals (and probably barracks) with doors, admitting passage to a protected walkway on top of the wall. The wall was pierced by two main gates, flanked by Niches which displayed statues of the city's divine protectors . The impressive fortifications are still awe- inspiring and admired by visitors. THE LACONIAN GATE The eastern Laconian Gate did not survive. It was destroyed in the 18th century, during road construction works which were necessary to provide access to the new Holy Monastery of Voulkano, in 1712. THE ARCADIAN GATE The western, Arcadian Gate (or Gate of Megalopolis), is preserved in relatively good condition. This monumental construction was built of gigantic monolithic limestone blocks, it has circular shape with two entrances, a double one in the interior and an external one, the latter being protected on either sides by two square-shaped towers. The circular area inside the Gate has two niches, one on each side of the entrance, where stood a Hermaic stele, featuring God Hermes in his capacity as Propylaios, protector of Gates. During your visit you will be able to observe almost all the public buildings and temples of the town, which were described by the ancient traveler Pausanias, during his visit around 155 AD, and were revealed thanks to the tireless efforts of the leading archeologist, Mr. Petros Themelis and his team. Excavations have been going on -sometimes at feverish pace- since Mr. Themelis was appointed director of the excavations by the Archeological society. Among others, you will admire a series of reconstructed monumental structures, such as the Eclesiasterion-Odeion, the Voulefterion, the Theatre (existing from the Hellenistic era and reconstructed by the emperors Augustus and Tiberius in the middle of the 2nd c. AD),, the Agora, the Stadium, the Asclepieion (Sanctuary of Asclepius), Arsinoe’s Spring (daughter of the legendary king of Messini Leucippus and mother of Asclepius), the Heroon (a funerary monument like a Mausoleum, in Doric style, with four columns in front, made entirely of local limestone), the Temple of Artemis Orthia ('orthios' meaning 'standing, erect or upright') and a Byzantine basilica.

Tour price

320 € (Prices applies per vehicle not per person)

  • Mercedes/Octavia 7 A/C Sedan Yellow Taxi
  • Up to 4 people
  • From Athens Center
  • For a Minivan service up to 8 persons please ask us for a quote.

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  1. Transfer to/from the sites.
  2. Hotel pick up (for downtown Athens).
  3. Car fuel
  4. Tolls
  5. Car parking
  6. All taxes


  1. Gratuities (optional)
  2. Food or drinks
  3. Licensed guide
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